The Secret to Improving Fleet Response Times

To any fleet base business, to be on schedule as well as having fast response time is important. Vehicle breakdowns, traffic, sick days along with weather conditions are just a few of the many problems that can negatively affect response time and scheduling. A GPS fleet tracking system provided by ZenduIT can help you improve your scheduling issues and response time.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Fleet tracking system provides a real time map displaying the routes and locations of each of your vehicle on road. This information become crucial when dealing with unforeseen issues. Having the ability to determine which of your drivers needs to be rerouted, from a single interface, enables you to most effectively manage your fleet.

Remote Rerouting

GPS fleet tracking software has the ability to reroute your drivers remotely. Navigation system integration will make it possible to reroute your single driver or entire fleet. In order to do that you do not have to call or send radio information to them. You drivers will be notified by their navigation systems if you change their routes.  Having this technology at your fingertips is essential to maintaining a competitive response time and effectively managing your fleet. You may also head to ZenduIT site if you have any queries regarding fleet management system.

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