How to prepare yourself for a dance competition?

There are very few dance competitions that allow dancers a chance to practice their piece on the stage prior to the performance. If you are looking for some expert dance classes, then you can hop on to websites such as, etc. For a vast majority of competitions, the very first time a dancer touches the stage it’s go-time. But to achieve maximum comfort at your first competition, do take the following steps:

Find your spot

Spotting is easy during dance classes as dancers get used to space being provided to them. However, on a stage we must adjust to size and space, the most common item in a convention center, ballrooms and theaters are ‘exit’ signs. If there are none, look for non-moving lights or visible signs.

Survey the floor

Surveying the floor on which you will be dancing is important so that you can ‘space’ each piece in your head. If you have a look at the stage before you perform, you might want to consider the following:

  1. Are there wings (and if so, how many)?
  2. How many strips of flooring (or tape lines) are there?
  3. Are there markings for center or quarter?

Check for distractions

There are many distractions at dance competitions, such as colored projected lighting patterns or spotlights and large, loud audiences that may make it difficult to hear the music. Being aware makes it less likely that you will disrupt your performance.


Once you’re done surveying your surroundings, it is important to make sure that you are mentally ready to perform. Once you are warmed up, begin visualizing every step perfectly.

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