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What Is Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is hired by the Insurance Company to represent the company in dealing with loss and damages. The main responsibility of Public Adjuster is also to protect the interests of the Insurance Company. A Public Insurance Adjuster (PA) can be an insurance professional who assists and advocates withRead More

How to Become a Licensed Public Adjuster?

Public adjusting, although extant in other states, is a serious and increasingly prevalent part of the claims process in Florida. New licensing rules and regulations have arisen for Florida public adjusters and the road to licensure is going to become very difficult in 2009. You can also Go through RecentRead More

Everything You Must Be Aware Of About Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

 The Total and Permanent Disability can cover any condition not particularly secured somewhere else under the insurance companies discriminating ailment spread arrangements and which brings about aggregate and permanent handicap. The word disability or permanent handicap is characterized as anticipated that will last all through the protected individual's life, independentRead More